We organize the best military events, historical reconstructions, training of the Police Air Forces, shows of military equipment, shows of fire brigades’ equipment, museum of machines, riding military vehicles, paintball, and concerts. And they are just a part of all attractions we provide!

The most important rallies in every year, where we take part in organization, are:

Winter Rally of Historical Military Vehicles “Fort Marian” in Malechowo

Summer Rally of Historical Military Vehicles in Darlowko

Military Rally M.A.S.H. in Skwierzyna

Military Rally M.A.S.H. became a trademark of our town Skwierzyna. Many positive opinions about the event proved that the concept was successful.

A bit of history…

While organizing the first M.A.S.H. in 2011 we were inspired by the concept of “living history lessons”. We wanted to create an event that increase feeling of citizens’ affiliation to their town by showing occurrences from the history of the town. Additionally the concept was propelled by the fact that Skwierzyna is well known because of its Military Unit.

We invited for the event many collectors of military equipment, fans of fortifications, restorers, fans of military motoring, and fans of history. The picnic was enriched with presentations of equipment, shows of historical reconstructions, and numerous concerts.

Encouraged by the success we got to hard work. The next editions in 2012, 2013 and 2014 were all-weekend-long. The citizens could see military equipment, sit inside a tank or an armored transporter and, under surveillance of qualified restorers, drive on military area. That was unforgettable experience for old and young visitors.