Military Museum „Atena” – our military museum in Skwierzyna, founded in 2012.

The base of our museum is the place of our company Anhol Road Assistance, and the owner is Agnieszka Kus. Many efficient military vehicles and hundreds other exhibits can be found in the museum, including parts for historical vehicles, uniforms and elements of equipment. The museum closely co-operates with Skwierzyna-based Operational-Technical Unit.


– soviet armored reconnaissance cars BRDM-2, efficient

– British self propelled artillery FV433 ABBOT, the only one in Poland

– soviet self propelled howitzers cal. 122 mm 2S1 GVOZDIKA

– soviet infantry transporter BMP-2, efficient

– soviet bridge-laying tank BLG-67, basing on T-55, efficient

– British armored transporter FV432 TROJAN, efficient, allowed for traffic

– soviet tracked and armored medium amphibious transporters PTS-M, efficient

– soviet tracked and armored medium amphibious transporters K-61, efficient

– soviet multi-purpose amphibious vehicles Bv202 (Snowcat), efficient

– soviet tracked high-speed bulldozer BAT-M, efficient

– wheeled armored vehicle SKOT, efficient

– military trucks ZIŁ-131, efficient

– military multi-purpose trucks ZIŁ-131, efficient

– soviet armored transporter ML-TB, efficient

– soviet military milling excavators MDK-2M, efficient

– soviet system of ground-air missiles 2K11 Krug, efficient

– original antiaircraft missiles 3M8M3 for 2K11 Krug

– technical security car WZT-2

– original boxes for 3M8M3 missiles

– divisional cannons wz. 1942 (ZiS-3)

– antiaircraft cannons wz. 1939 (61-K)

– armor-piercing cannons D-44

– fighter-bomber Su-22

– pre- and post-war Polish uniforms and American uniforms from the 2nd World War

– original soviet headphones and other elements from uniforms of tank crews

– soviet armored transporter ML-TB MORS