During integration parties we offer adventurous rides with our military vehicles:

2S1 – self propelled howitzer “GVOZDIKA”

PTS-M – tracked amphibious transporter

BWP-2 – soviet infantry fighting vehicle

MTLB – soviet armored transporter

BRDM-2 – armored wheeled transporter

Our guests will have unforgettable rides on a specially prepared terrain, testing both abilities of the machines and abilities of themselves. They will feel extraordinary, just like troops in a moment before alighting. An immense dose of emotions is guaranteed by us.

The bravest will be allowed to test themselves as drivers of our vehicles.

We add the following attractions:

cannon shooting

machine gun shooting

grenades throwing

– and much more

At the end of the party we will invite everyone for delicious split pea soup prepared in our military cooker.

All the party will be lead by strong experience specialists, the best of the best, without whom any military party or rally cannot be organized.

On guests’ demand we will take some photos and make a movie from the party.

One of our employees, schooled in terms of servicing first aid, having all necessary certifications, will look after all participants of the party.

If you are interested in our offer, please contact us via the ‘contact’ tab or by phone: (+48) 696 483 561